Monday, 27 June 2016

Week 9 Think-board master

Think-board master

This week for maths I have to do BEDMAS think-board master.
What BEDMAS mean is B for brackets,E for exponents,D for division,
M for multiplication,A for addition and S for subtraction. Using BEDMAS
I solve the maths problem.

Neison fusion brainstrom

Walt: Brainstorm and unpack ideas from a performance                                                                   
This week,I have to do a brainstorm about neison fusion performance.
First,I have to watch the neison fusion movie and unpack the ideas 
from the movie to the brainstorm.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


 For this think-board I used multiplying and adding to solve this think-board master.

Week 7 Think-board master


This week miss Clark had given me the fractions think-board master.

Fractions 2

Walt:equally share items into groups to make fractions.

This week I have been working on fractions of a number, strategy I used for the
problem is multiply and add.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Narrative writing

There were three beautiful sisters who lived with their mom and dad. The eldest name is Ellie, The middle aged one is Zoe and the youngest ones name is Sophia. They once lived in
Mandalay but they moved to the city yangon. Their mom and dad were very rich,sometimes the girls waste their money for the malls,going to trip and dance classes.

Ellie is 23 years old,Zoe is 21 and Sophia is 19 years old.The girls were like best friends.
Ellie loves to go to the malls,Zoe loves going on trips and Sophia love to dance.
Sometimes sophia has 4 dance classes on one day. One day,Zoe told her mom,dad
And her sisters that she is going on a trip to Bago. The next day Zoe was waiting at the
Airport,5 minutes after the planes had come,so Zoe got up to planes.

About a week later,Zoe called her parents that she coming back but not with planes with her car and her parents were very happy that she is coming back but her parents were worried because the roads were fixing .On the way Zoe had an car accident,The ambulance came
The road that zoe had her car accident,they called Zoe mum and dad. Zoe mum and dad came to Bago hospital fast as they can but when they came they were too late because Zoe
Had already past away. Zoe mum and dad were very sad that zoe had past away.Zoe mum had a heart attack but no one know only the dad.When Zoe mum saw Zoe, she past away too.Dad who lived with a very sad life.

Think-broad master

Walt: Think-broad master
    This think-broad master took me little while because I have to do other think-board master. From Talita,seini and Revival they helped me with the writing the words problem.