Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr Andrew Patterson

1/11/17 Around 9:30, Mr Andrew Patterson came to Team 5 to have a talk with us. The first thing he talked about was A + I = M. A is for Aspiration, I is for Inspiration and M is for Motivation. This talk was about how we'll succeed in the future if we aimed for what we wanted to do.

The second subject he was talking about was Grit. Grit is having the ability to carry on even if you're not feeling good about your life. The last subject was "Be a giver". Giving people is such a great thing to do because you'll actually make the other person feel great and you'll also be proud of yourself. This 11 years old boy who attends to Manurewa Intermediate. He gave his lunch money to this homeless man two weeks straight. The great thing about it was that Uili cared about the homeless man and not about himself. In 2 weeks, Uili changed the homeless man's life and now he's got a house and a job.

If you want to know more about Willy, here is a Link to it. I hope you enjoyed reading some inspiring stories. What Uili did gave me so much inspiration to be like him.