Monday, 11 December 2017

Mr Andrew Patterson's back!!!

11/12/17 At 9:30 today, Mr Andrew Patterson came back to Team5 with an guest, Raenan!
Raenan's a ex student from P.E.S, he was attending at P.E.S about 4 years ago and now he is
attending to Tamaki College. Today he talked about how his college's life been. When he was in
intermediate, he was like all of us, then as the intermediate school life ended. It was time to move
on to college life. When he first knew he was going to TC (Tamaki College) he didn't wanted to go there because some of this friends who weren't going to TC said that, it was a bullying school and they always fought with other school.

But Raenan's mum didn't change her so she told him that he can go to TC for the first year and change to Glendowie. After a year, Raenan decided not to change because TC had many opportunities, he always had a goal to be a head boy when he first started college and now after 4 years, he became Deputy head boy for 2018....He gave us many inspirational advice.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Considering other peoples viewpoints

WALT: Considering other peoples viewpoints

This week our literacy class is learning how to consider other peoples side of an opinion and what they think there are six statements in this presentation go threw to see what I agree or disagree on. Here is a link to my video that  I've done. Considering other peoples opinion Video

Friday, 1 December 2017

Maths Problems

WALT:Solve measurment,alegbra and fraction problems
For the past week, rm 2 maths class have been trying to solve measurement,
algebra and fraction problems. The presentation above has all the questions
and answer.