Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Our year 8 leadership camp

WALT: write a recount
It’s that time of the year again, Year 8 camp. Every year, the year 8's would go on camp and this year, year 8’s went to Kauaeranga valley in Thames. We all piled into buses and went on with our trip.

While at camp we did a lot of activities my most challenging activity was railway jigger. I jumped on the jigger and started pumping my arm. It was harder than I thought, my arm started burning inside and I could feel the flax going past my face.

I could taste my dry mouth while I was pushing my jigger and I could feel my dry lips. Nearly every students struggled to push their jiggers around the corner, even the teachers.  

Finally it had come to the end and everyone was tired and thirsty. When they all got off their jiggers, everyone fell to the ground and started moaning about how tired they were.    

Last week, the year 8's went on camp and the year 7's had to stay at school. At camp, the year 8's had lots of fun and of course we had lots of leadership opportunities and the year 7's had lots of time to build each other up. 

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