Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Yesterday,my literacy teacher took our literacy class and other student who were pick to go to the movie to watch BFG. We went to the Sylvia hoyts,I really like the movie because It was funny,interesting and the animations was incredible.In the movie there were 11 main character,
the BFG,Sophie the little girl and the 9 giants and in the last part there was Queen Elizabeth (fake).

 In the first part,The BFG took Sophie to the giants country,the BFG took Sophie to his cave where BFG live.Sophie got so scared because when she saw a knife,she thought the BFG was going to kill her. First,Sophie was little bit bossy to BFG because she don't know what BFG life is about.The BFG told Sophie that there were 9 more giants like him.First,Sophie wasn't that scared because she think the giants were kind and friendly like BFG. BFG was like a servants to all of the giants.
I felt really sad for the BFG because all the giants were mean and BFG still being friendly,kind and thoughtful for all the giants and Sophie.In the end they had a happy life and all the giants were send to a island that they can never escape.  


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