Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

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Yesterday, Hiwi the Kiwi came to our school to talk about water safety,saving our seabirds and making sure there are not littering.First, Mr Minstrel and Mrs Minstrel introduce their-self.Mr Minstrel asks some question and who ever got the answer right or put their hands up.We get poster and stickers if we get the answer right.We talked about water safety, Mr Minstrel told Pt England a story about this three strong men was on a boat and they didn't want to put on the life jacket because they thought they were the best swimmers but in the middle of the lake there were this big as log but the men didn't 
saw the log because it was under the water.Then,the boat crashed into the log and the 3 men drown.
Mr Minstrel said always were a life jacket when you're on a boat.

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